Quality Measures

Patient Reported Outcomes

Learn about common Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Scales and Tools used in neurology. Information is provided to assist in your implementation of PRO scales and tools in your practice.

Insight and experiences of people with neurological problems should guide our work. PROMs [Patient Reported Outcome Measures] are the patient's unadulterated voice that helps us provide care more effectively and safely.

Lidia V. Moura, MD - AAN Member

“Patients and/or caregivers may have different goals or risk tolerances than the provider is aware of. For example, a patient and provider may agree that reducing the number of medications is a good direction to take, yet there may be several paths to choose from. Asking the patient what their desired outcome is may lead to a completely different medication reduction than the provider had in mind. The patient is more invested in succeeding with the treatment because he/she had input into the decision-making, which hopefully leads to better patient reported outcomes.”

Lisa Meunier, Epilepsy Advocate