Quality Measures

Improve the care of your patients by using the AAN's quality measurement sets, reporting initiatives, and other resources.

Comment on Draft Quality Measure Sets 

Universal Neurology 
Comment on draft universal neurology quality measures by December 2.

Measures Recently Released

Stroke and Stroke Rehabilitation Measurement Set
Updated stroke and stroke rehabilitation quality measures are now available. Read the Neurology®   article, watch the webinar, and view full measure specifications to understand how to use the measures to drive quality improvement in practice. 

All Measures

Use these quality measurement sets for important neurologic conditions.

Neurology Measurement Sets

Find out more about neurology-specific quality measurement sets: 

Measurement Sets In Progress

Preview of measurements currently in progress. For questions on the current status of a measurement set, email

  • Stroke and Stroke Rehabilitation Update (pending publication)
  • Child Neurology (pending publication)
  • Neuro-oncology (pending publication)
  • Epilepsy Update  (Public Comment Summer 2017)
  • Neurotology (Public Comment Fall 2017)
  • All Neurology (Public Comment Fall 2017)
  • Concussion (Starting Fall 2017)
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (Starting Fall 2017)

How Measures Are Developed

Gain an understanding of how the AAN develops clinical quality measures relevant to a neurology practice.

Be part of the process and submit an idea for a future measurement set or volunteer your time to be part of the next measurement development work group. All work group applicants are asked to complete a nomination and conflict of interest form.

Partnering Organizations
AAN and Measure Development

How to Use a Measure

Learn how quality measures are integrated into public and private payer programs.

2016 Quality Improvement in Practice Course C73
AAN Measures In Practice

Learn from those who have implemented measures in practice.

AAN Epilepsy Measurement Set

AAN Parkinson's Disease Measurement Set


Let the AAN's NeuroPI modules guide you step-by-step through an online performance improvement project of your choice.

Patient And Clinical Data Registries

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