Neuroscience Is...

Neuroscience Is…TM is a program by the American Academy of Neurology to build public awareness and demonstrate the importance of neuroscience research in care of neurology patients and the development of cures for brain diseases.

Geared toward K-12 students, this initiative incorporates unusual and fun facts about the brain and nervous system to attract the attention of young minds and help shape a lifelong interest in and commitment to the neuroscience field.
Designed to increase awareness of the impact that neuroscience has on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of as many as 600 known types of brain diseases, this initiative works to inspire medical students to select a career in neurology.
This initiative speaks to practicing neurologists and other neuroscience professionals by using compelling facts to demonstrate how research is critical to patient care and day-to-day practice.
Without support from government agencies, industry, and the general public, there is not enough funding to sustain neuroscience research. Without research, there are no treatments. And without treatments, there are no cures. This initiative raises awareness of the American Academy of Neurology's support of researchers and access to practitioners to conduct trials and trial recruitment.


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