Neuroscience Is...™ Cool

The brain is your coolest organ. It is the boss of your other organs, your emotions, your movements, and much more. The brain is fun to study, and here students and teachers can get ideas for classroom activities, experiments, Science Fair topics, and supplies to learn more about the brain.

Resources for Teachers and Parent Educators

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education is important, but sometimes it is hard to find resources and curriculum that will keep kids of all ages fascinated. The AAN is developing a full toolbox of fun neuroscience curriculum. In the meantime, please check out some of our favorite sites to help you.


Engage and excite students with these sensory activities and videos that introduce them to how senses are connected to the brain.

Kindergarten - Second Grade

These activities and lessons help students begin to understand the basic functions of the human brain. 

Third Grade - Fifth Grade

Students begin to dive deeper into learning about the brain through these lessons and websites.

Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade

This set of activities will give students a chance to better understand specific neuroscience concepts and structures of the brain.

Ninth Grade - Twelfth Grade

High school students can explore the complexity of the brain and the parts that make it work well or can lead to illness. 

Tools for the Classroom

The AAN wants teachers and parent educators to have helpful and constructive resources for young learners. We have a variety of classroom support items available to you at no cost.

Please let us know if you have a need for your classroom. 

Brain Health Fair

Every year, the AAN hosts a free public event called the Brain Health Fair. Adults and kids attend to talk to neurologists, interact with peers, play brain games, hold human brains, and compete in a Science Fair. 

Watch the video and hear from some of our future neuroscientists on why Neuroscience Is... Cool!

Science Fair

In the coming months, the AAN will be developing a resource center for students seeking science fair and experiment ideas in neuroscience. This area will also contain resources for parents and inspiration for educators.


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