Program Coordinators

Access the AAN's exclusive tools and resources developed specifically to help residency program coordinators administer successful neurology programs.

Virtual Coffee Professional Development Series

The Virtual Coffee Professional Development Series educates, supports, and provides resources for personal and professional development to program coordinators in neurology. 

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Recognition Award

Learn more about the Program Coordinator Recognition Award.

2017: Terri Feist, BA, C-TAGME, and Jennifer C. Rew, MEd
2016: Mary Phelan, BS, C-TAGME, and Julia Campbell, BA, C-TAGME
2015: Kristin L. Stacy, C-TAGME, Notary, and Clara Vigelette, AAS, C-TAGME
2014: Maggie Baker, and Vanya Sagar, MPA, C-TAGME

(RITE) Residency In-service Training Examination

The RITE® is a self-assessment tool that evaluates overall knowledge of neurology and neuroscience and identifies areas for potential growth. The RITE is administered one weekend a year.

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