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Program Coordinator Resources

Learn more about The Program Coordinator’s Role: Helping to Create ‘Live Well and Lead Well’ Initiative in Neurology from Neurology Coordinators Michelle R. Armstrong, MAEd., C-TAGME; Marla Scofield, C-TAGME; and Fran Clark, BS, C-TAGME. 

The process of selecting a chief resident is an important choice. Discover how to contribute to the process: Program Coordinator Development: Choosing, Training and Forging Relationships with Incoming Chief Residents from Michelle R. Armstrong, MAEd, C-TAGME, Marla Scofield, C-TAGME, Fran Clark, C-TAGME and Rebecca M. Grubb.

New to the Program Coordinator role or looking for a refresher on Program Coordinator duties? View the Program Coordinator Handbook which was designed to assist all program coordinators in their duties and responsibilities in the GME office. The handbook is meant to be a general overview, conveniently listed by month, providing insight on the duties of a coordinator.

Virtual Coffee Professional Development Series

The Virtual Coffee Professional Development Series educates, supports, and provides resources for personal and professional development to program coordinators in neurology. 

Emotional Intelligence & Professionalism
Speaker: Dr. Ramzan Shahid, Division Director, General Pediatrics, Residency Program Loyola
Wednesday, March 7, 12:00 p.m. CT/ 1:00 p.m. ET 
Register here
U.S. & Canada Toll-Free
Dial: 866.740.1260   
Access Code:3618134



Program Coordinator Recognition Award

The Program Coordinator Recognition Award is intended to acknowledge the essential function of neurology program coordinators. Program coordinators face many challenges supporting the administration of a residency program including limited resources and both research and clinical missions that compete for time and resources with the education mission. We recognize these neurology residency program coordinators whose creativity and innovation is crucial in ensuring the future of neurology. Learn more about the Program Coordinator Recognition Award.

2018: Frances Clark, BS, C-TAGME; Silviya H. M. Eaton, MBA, MA, C-TAGME
2017: Terri Feist, BA, C-TAGME, and Jennifer C. Rew, MEd
2016: Mary Phelan, BS, C-TAGME, and Julia Campbell, BA, C-TAGME
2015: Kristin L. Stacy, C-TAGME, Notary, and Clara Vigelette, AAS, C-TAGME
2014: Maggie Baker, and Vanya Sagar, MPA, C-TAGME


RITE (Residency In-service Training Examination) 

The RITE® is a self-assessment tool that evaluates overall knowledge of neurology and neuroscience and identifies areas for potential growth. The RITE is administered one weekend a year.

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