Recognition Award

Submit a nomination or apply for the Program Director Recognition Award or Program Coordinator Recognition Award and view past recipients.

Recipient History

The Program Director Recognition Award and Program Coordinator Recognition Award acknowledges excellence on behalf of neurology program directors.

Past Program Director Recognition Award recipients:

2016: Timothy E. Lotze, MD; John J. Doyle, MD
2015: David C. Peterson, MD; Tracey A. Milligan, MD
2014: Zachary N. London, MD; Deborah Young Bradshaw, MD
2013: Christopher J. Boes, MD; Steven Vernino, MD, PhD, FAAN
2012: Jaffar Khan, MD, FAAN; Patrick S. Reynolds, MD
2011: Blair Ford, MD, FAAN; David J. Capobianco, MD, FAAN
2010: John W. Engstrom, MD, FAAN; Noor A. Pirzada, MD
2009: Ralph F. Jozefowicz, MD, FAAN; Joel C. Morgenlander, MD, FAAN

Past Program Coordinator Recognition Award recipients:

2016: Mary Phelan, BS, C-TAGME; Julia Campbell, BA C-TAGME
2015: Kristin Stacy; Clara Vigelette
2014: Maggie Baker; Vanya Sagar, MPA, C-TAGME

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