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Neurology® Podcast - October 9 2012 Issue

Indicators of amyloid burden in a population-based study of cognitively normal elderly

1) Indicators of amyloid burden and 2) Topic of the month: Evaluation of polyneuropathy. This podcast for the Neurology Journal begins and closes with Dr. Robert Gross, Editor-in-Chief, briefly discussing highlighted articles from the print issue of Neurology. In the second segment Dr. Jeff Burns with Dr. Michelle M. Mielke about her paper on indicators of amyloid burden. Dr. Jennifer Fugate is reading our e-Pearl of the week about vestibular migraine. In the next part of the podcast Dr. Ted Burns interviews Dr. Michael Shy about evaluation of the inherited neuropathy patient. The participants had nothing to disclose except Drs. Jef Read More

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Interview-Indicators of amyloid burden

ePearl 1-vestibular migraine

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LOTW-inherited neuropathy

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ePearl 2-vestibular migraine

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