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Neurology® Delayed Recall Podcast - Memory function & disorders

Interviews with Dean Buonomono on memory function

SEPTEMBER 2012: In this month’s Delayed Recall episode, we feature 3 interviews by Dr. Ted Burns with Dr. Dean Buonomano on the topic of memory. These interviews were originally aired as lessons of the week in June 2012. In the first interview, Dr. Burns discusses the various types of memory and the need for an accurate taxonomy of memory with Dr. Buonomano. In the second interview, the two discuss the neurologist’s evaluation of memory and the related bedside tests. The final segment includes bonus material that was not originally included with the lessons of the week published in June 2012. Here, the two further discuss non-declar Read More

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LOTW 1-memory function

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LOTW 2-memory function

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LOTW 3-memory function

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