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Neurology® Delayed Recall Podcast - Evaluation of dizziness

Evaluation of dizziness

APRIL 2012: In this month’s Delayed Recall episode, we are featuring 3 interviews by Dr. Ted Burns with Dr. Kevin Kerber and Dr. Robert Baloh regarding the evaluation of dizziness in a patient. In the first interview, Dr. Burns discusses different forms of nystagmus and the head thrust maneuver with Drs. Kerber and Baloh. In the second, they discuss the Dix-Hallpike test, gait and balance testing, and the 4 most common presentations. In the final interview, they discuss the clinical management that results from varying etiologies of dizziness.

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Episode Segments

Introduction-Evaluation of dizziness in a patient. (00:32 - 01:34)
00:32 01:34

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LOTW 1-bedside examination of dizziness presentations (01:35 - 12:36)
01:35 12:36

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MeSH Terms
LOTW 2-Dix-Hallpike maneuver (12:37 - 26:10)
LOTW 3-dizziness (26:11 - 44:02)


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