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Neurology® Delayed Recall Podcast - Functional Symptoms & Conversion Disorders

Functional Symptoms & Conversion Disorders

SEPTEMBER 2014: This month’s episode of Delayed Recall features 4 interviews with Dr. John Stone on the topic of functional disorders. These interviews were originally released as the lessons of the week in November of 2013. The first interview discusses definitions and etiologies of functional disorders. The second interview focuses on symptoms and conversion disorder. The third interviews highlights how to discuss the diagnosis of a functional disorder with a patient, and the final interview reviews available treatments for functional symptoms and conversion disorders.

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Introduction (00:17 - 01:02)
00:17 01:02

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LOTW 1-Functional Symptoms & Conversion Disorders (01:03 - 12:10)
01:03 12:10

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LOTW 2-Functional Symptoms & Conversion Disorders (12:11 - 18:46)
12:11 18:46

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LOTW 3-Functional Symptoms & Conversion Disorders (18:47 - 27:42)
18:47 27:42

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LOTW 4-Functional Symptoms & Conversion Disorders (27:43 - 37:49)
27:43 37:49

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