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Neurology® Delayed Recall Podcast - Neuro-Infectious Diseases I

Neuro-Infectious Diseases I

AUGUST 2014: This month’s episode of Delayed Recall features 3 interviews on the topic of neuroinfectious disease by Dr. Chenjie Xia. These interviews were initially released as lessons of the week for the month of June 2014. The first interview focuses on vial meningoencephalitis with Dr. Maria Nagel and Dr. Don Gilden from the University of Colorado. In the second interview, Dr. Karen Russ from the University of India discusses clinical features of Lyme Disease. In the final interview, Dr. Russ returns to review acute bacterial meningitis.

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LOTW 1-Neuro Infectious Diseases

LOTW 2-Neuro Infectious Diseases

LOTW 3-Neuro Infectious Diseases



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