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Neurology® Delayed Recall Podcast - Myelopathy Due to Systemic Disease

Myelopathy Due to Systemic Disease

APRIL 2015: This month’s Delayed Recall features 4 interviews by Dr. Ted Burns with Dr. Steve Lewis from Rush University on the topic of myelopathy due to systemic disease. These interviews were originally aired as lessons of the week in January 2015. In the first interview, the two discuss systemic autoimmune disorders that can cause myelopathy, such as rheumatoid arthritis or neurosarcoidosis. In the second interview, the Dr. Burns and Dr. Lewis discuss infections that cause myelopathy such as HTLV-1, HIV, and TB. In the third interview, the two review vitamin and supplement deficiency in relation to myelopathy. The two conclude t Read More

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LOTW 1-Myelopathy Due to Systemic Disease

LOTW 2-Myelopathy Due to Systemic Disease

LOTW 3-Myelopathy Due to Systemic Disease

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