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Neurology® Delayed Recall Podcast - Autoimmune & Paraneoplastic Encephalitis

Autoimmune & Paraneoplastic Encephalitis

MAY 2015: This month’s episode of Delayed Recall features 4 interviews by Dr. Stacy Clardy with Dr. Josep Dalmau on the topic of autoimmune encephalitis. These interviews were originally aired as the lessons of the week in February 2015. In the first interview, the two discuss how recent discoveries have changed our understandings of autoimmune and paraneoplastic encephalitis as well as the limitations of many epidemiologic studies completed on these diseases. In the second interview, the two review NMDA receptor encephalitis in detail. In the third interview, Dr. Clardy and Dr. Dalmau discuss course management for patients with an Read More

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LOTW 1-Autoimmune & Paraneoplastic Encephalitis

LOTW 2-Autoimmune & Paraneoplastic Encephalitis

LOTW 3-Autoimmune & Paraneoplastic Encephalitis

LOTW 4-Autoimmune & Paraneoplastic Encephalitis



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