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Neurology® Delayed Recall Podcast - Delayed Recall October 2016

Evaluation of the anoxic brain injury patient

OCTOBER 2016: In this month’s episode of Delayed Recall, we feature 4 interviews by Dr. Andy Schomer with Dr. Eelco Wijdicks about the neurological evaluation and management of the cardiac arrest patient. These interviews were originally aired as the lessons of the week in September 2016. In the first interview, Dr. Schomer and Dr. Wijdicks about the history and reasons for hypothermia, the appropriate timing of the examination, and some of the confounders that can be seen during examination. In the second interview, the two review how the AAN developed the prognostication guidelines for anoxic ischemic injury following resuscitatio Read More

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Episode Segments

Introduction (00:18 - 01:27)
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Interview 1-neurologic prognosis following cardiac arrest (01:28 - 10:09)
Interview 2-clinical examination of a patient following cardiac arrest (10:10 - 18:20)
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MeSH Terms
Interview 3-ancillary testing that is done in patients with cardiac arrest (18:21 - 27:52)
Interview 4-examination, and ancillary tests to come to a conclusion regarding prognosis (27:53 - 37:14)