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Physician Payment Data

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Medicare Part B Data

CMS publishes physician-identifiable data about services provided to Medicare beneficiaries. The data include information about payments made to physicians, number of provided services, and billed codes. Anyone can search the data file to see the amounts paid to each fee-for-service Medicare provider.

The easiest way to access this data is to use the CMS interactive data tool.

There is no review period before the data are released. If you find a discrepancy, contact with questions regarding data accuracy.

Medicare Part D

The Medicare Part D Prescriber Public Use File includes information on the prescription drugs that individual physicians prescribed in 2015 under the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program. The data may not be representative of a physician's entire practice or all of Medicare as it only includes information on beneficiaries enrolled in the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. Data are available on the CMS website.  

If you encounter a discrepancy, contact

Open Payments (Sunshine Act)

The Sunshine Act is intended to promote transparency in the financial relationships between physicians and industry. Consumers can view information about financial relationships between physicians and industry on the Medicare Open Payments Look-up Tool.

How can I review and dispute my information?

  1. Register in the CMS Enterprise Portal.
  2. Register in the Open Payments system (accessible via the CMS Enterprise Portal).

Refer to the Physician and Teaching Hospital Registration Quick Reference Guide for assistance with both steps.

Physician Compare

Patients can find information about doctors enrolled in the Medicare program on Physician Compare. The information includes address, board certification, education, affiliations, and participation in quality improvement activities.

Learn how to Update your Data on Physician Compare. 

"Medicare Payment Transparency: Implications for Neurologists" reviews the background, limitations, potential benefits, and appropriate responses to Medicare payment data releases.