Exclusively for Residents and Fellows: Free Salary Calculator Tool


Before you sign your next employment contract, you must consult with the free Salary Calculator Tool from the American Academy of Neurology.

Do you know what kind of compensation to expect? Or what the rates are in your location? Pay structures vary and can be confusing, especially for someone just starting their career. Use the Salary Calculator Tool as a starting point in your negotiations before signing an employment contract.

This tool is ONLY available to AAN member residents and fellows, and it’s offered at no charge! All you need to enter is your member ID and password, and this insightful information is at your fingertips.

“I would recommend that every new neurologist utilize this valuable free tool, which is comprised of the largest database of neurologist-reported data,” said David A. Evans, MBA, who is the COO of Texas Neurology and chair of the AAN’s Practice Management & Technology Subcommittee. “The AAN’s salary calculator is an essential resource for residents and fellows to negotiate their compensation with prospective practices and/or hospitals.”

Yes, there are other salary calculators out there, but the AAN’s Salary Calculator Tool is based on information from AAN members who completed the Neurology Compensation and Productivity Survey, making this the most authoritative guide on neurology salaries available. And it’s FREE!

View the Salary Calculator. If you need assistance, contact Amy Schoch at careers@aan.com or (612) 928-6122.


Want access to salary data but you’re not a resident or fellow? Just complete the AAN’s 2017 Neurology Compensation and Productivity Survey. This important survey will be available online for Academy members to complete in early 2018. Member neurologists and practice managers who complete the survey will receive free access to the online results and the AAN Neurology Compensation and Productivity Report.

This is the only survey that focuses solely on the neurology specialty. The survey results will enable neurologists to compare their individual salary, productivity, and practice information to their peers. Breakdowns will be available so the results can be individualized and tailored to subspecialty, geographic region, practice type, and more.

The AAN’s Practice Management & Technology Subcommittee Chair David A. Evans, MBA, has found the reports to be particularly useful. “We compared our clinic to the data in the 2015 Neurology Compensation and Productivity Report to identify and make practice improvements, including reducing expenses and improving scheduling to work more profitably and efficiently. We’re benchmarking ourselves against the 2016 report to track our success, re-measure key performance indicators, and further strengthen our clinic’s bottom line.”

The cost to access the data and report for those who do not participate in the survey is $600 for AAN members and $1,200 for non-members.