MIPS eligible clinicians must use certified EHR technology (CEHRT) to report to the Advancing Care Information performance category. In 2017, there are two measure set options for reporting:

  • Advancing Care Information Objectives and Measures
  • 2017 Advancing Care Information Transition Objectives and Measures

The measure set you'll use is based on your Certified EHR Technology edition. Use the guidelines below to determine which measure set to use. Keep in mind that if your EHR is a combination of certified 2014 and 2015 editions or certified 2015 edition, you may want to input information into the comparison tool to determine which measure set yields a higher score.

To download more information about ACI measure specifications, please visit CMS Quality Payment Program website.


Option 3: Comparison Tool

If you have any of the following technology listed below and are uncertain which of the two measure sets to use, this comparison tool can help you determine which measure set might yield a higher Advancing Care Information score.

  • Technology certified to the 2015 Edition; or
  • Technology certified to the 2014 Edition; or
  • A combination of technologies certified to the 2014 and 2015 Editions

Access the Calculator

Please note: This tool does not provide an official score and only provides an estimate of your ACI score. Results are not guaranteed. This tool is intended to help MIPS eligible clinicians explore measures and learn more about ACI scoring.

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