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Career Development

Build a successful career in neurology with unparalleled resources available exclusively from the AAN.

career Resources


Visit the Neurology Career Center for all your job seraching needs:

  • Job Listings
  • Interview Resources
  • Employment Contracts
  • CV Review Services
  • Career Coaching Services
  • Career Transition Resources 

Research Grants

Where to Find Grants

  • Many early-career grants will require a funded mentor.
  • Compile a list of grants for all stages in your career.
  • Start with the NIH in not only your field but related fields NCI and NINDS for neuro-oncology, for example.
  • Find any other big institutes that support research: NSFAHRQ, (DoD, VA, etc.)
  • Look also to organizations that are general (AAN, ANA, American Brain Foundation, SfN, etc.) and specific (AHA, AASM, etc.)
  • Look at foundations (American Brain Foundation, ALSANMSSSRS, etc.)
  • Look intramurally (standard intramural funding, career-promotion awards, etc.)