Student Interest Group in Neurology

Join the Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) to learn the neurology field and its clinical, research and service activities.

What is SIGN?
  • More than 150 chapters in US and Canadian medical schools
  • Provides opportunities to participate in clinical, research, and service activities in neurology
  • Increases the medical student's neurologic knowledge
  • Creates an interest in the AAN
  • Obtain valuable information about medical schools that offer a SIGN Chapter and/or a neurology clerkship using our Clerkship and SIGN Directory
What are the benefits of SIGN?
  • Socialize with students, residents, and faculty who share your interest in neurology
  • Shadow neurologists
  • Attend patient presentations and seminars
  • Develop experience, leadership, and valuable contacts
  • Join the nationwide SIGN network
  • Meet other SIGN members at the Annual Meeting
  • Apply for SIGN scholarships
  • Free AAN Membership
SIGN Resources

Resources and Ideas

Annual Reports

Membership and Scholarship

How to join

Contact Maggie Rock for information about joining SIGN.

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