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Diversity Leadership

The AAN recognizes the importance of having leaders that reflect the demographics of its members and the patients they serve. The Diversity Leadership Program (DLP) is a crucial aspect of the AAN’s leadership diversification strategy intended to identify, mentor, and engage AAN members from underrepresented minority groups.

The application period for the upcoming class of Diversity Leadership has closed. The next application period will be open in fall of 2018. 

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Talented and highly motivated individuals at any stage in their post-residency career who are committed to the profession of neurology and to providing high-quality patient-centered care, and are US AAN members from one of the following underrepresented minority groups: African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native ethnicity.


Program Overview

A prestigious and interactive eight-month program in which up to 10 participants will be engaged with AAN leadership and staff, develop their leadership skills, and contribute to a group project and present it to the AAN Board of Directors. The program is designed to develop and engage a more diverse membership and demonstrate to participants the long-term benefits of AAN Involvement. The program will:


  • Offer leadership opportunities
  • Provide mentoring and group coaching to enhance career development and expand professional networks
  • Encourage and develop a more diverse membership that is equipped to lead
  • Demonstrate the long-term benefits of AAN involvement
  • Help develop speaking skills through a professional media training session


Key Program Dates

Participants must attend two face-to-face sessions (all expenses paid): 

  • AAN Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, April 20-24, 2018
  • Fall Graduation/Leadership Training at the AAN Headquarters in Minneapolis, September 13-15, 2018 

Time Commitment

Participants are required to attend all leadership retreats, coaching calls, and small group calls. The AAN covers all program-related expenses for the selected participants.



  • Introduction to the AAN structure and interaction with AAN leadership at the April 2018 AAN Annual Meeting in Los Angeles
  • Leadership training that will start with face-to-face meetings at the AAN Annual Meeting in Los Angeles and will continue over eight months
  • Monthly coaching conference calls with professional consultant and suggested readings and activities
  • Individual regular conversations with an AAN leader who will serve as a mentor for the program
  • Participation in a collaborative group project focused on strategies for the AAN's diversification strategy. The project will be presented to the AAN Board at its Fall 2018 meeting in Minneapolis.

Application Requirements

AAN members interested in participating in the program should submit the following documents in PDF format as part of the application process:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Essay: Include an answer to the following questions: Why is the applicant applying? How does the applicant intend to contribute to the AAN, the neurology profession, and the larger community that he or she serve? What is the applicant's leadership philosophy and approach? What goals and expectations does the applicant have for participating in the AAN Diversity Leadership Program? What expectations, interests, and goals does the applicant have for his or her relationship with their mentor?
  • Photo
  • Letter of Recommendation From a Colleague

Preference will be given to applicants who have not completed any of the following AAN Leadership Programs: Emerging Leaders
Program, Transforming Leaders Program, Women Leading in Neurology, and Practice Leadership Program.


The Diversity Leadership Program is supported in part by grants from Allergan, Inc., Lilly, and Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:What is the criteria for applying to the Diversity Program?
A:Our official eligibility requirements are that applicants must be a U.S. AAN member and from an underrepresented minority group: African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latin, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native ethnicity. 

Q:Does this program have a personal project?
A:DLP does not have a personal project component, rather is has an AAN President assigned group project to be worked on for the duration of the program.

Q:What if I cannot make one of the in-person meetings?
A: All in-person meetings are mandatory to attend so participants would need to make scheduling adjustments or apply next year.

Q: What are the dates for the program?
A:The program dates can be found in the key program dates section of the website.

Q:Do I get a mentor?
A: Yes, ELP participants are pairing up with an AAN approved leadership mentor. 


For additional information, please contact Bonnie Sova, Senior Administrator, Leadership Programs, at (612) 928-6164.