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Review AAN and AAN-endorsed policy statements, position statements, and position papers.

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A policy statement is a short declaration, not exceeding 250 words, stating the Academy's position on a certain issue. A policy statement does not require an explanation of rationale behind the statement or supporting evidence.

A position statement is a concise explanation of the Academy's position on a certain issue that includes background information and the rationale behind the Academy's position. The position statement, generally not exceeding 1,000 words, is in-depth and must reference all supporting evidence.

A position paper is the most complete analysis of an issue. Position papers may be printed in one of the AAN's publications, which has editorial independence and is not obligated to publish any papers or statements.

Prior to 2012, the Academy's definitions were different from the above. Accordingly, position and policy documents produced prior to November 2012 might not conform to the above definitions.

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