Animals in Research

Discover how the AAN endorses the appropriate and responsible use of animals in scientific research.

Neurology Podcast: The Animal Research War

A September 22, 2009, podcast for Neurology® includes an interview by Ted M. Burns, MD, and David Q. Beversdorf, MD, with P. Michael Conn, MD, about his 2008 book The Animal Research War.

Animals in Research: FAQ

Significance. Concerns. Fact & Fallacies.

Get answers to your questions about animals in neurologic research.

In 2016, the AAN partnered with the Foundation for Biomedical Research, Society for Neuroscience, and other notable organizations that represent research and research careers to discuss the critical role of non-human primate research. The result of the collaboration is the white paper, The Critical Role of Nonhuman Primates in Medical Research

Animal Care Resource Guide

The updated Animal Care Resources Guide clarifies, interprets and provides examples of how regulated entities can comply with existing Animal Welfare Act regulations.

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