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Neurology – What APPs Need to Know

APPs are making huge contributions in neurology, and we hope to help you advance professionally and build on your knowledge. We believe that neurology is a rewarding and challenging specialty that is well-suited to the skills of APPs.

With the wide range of experience and expertise of APPs in neurology, many programs or courses could be appropriate. With this in mind, we have listed items that are specific to APPs, or could be relevant for APPs with less experience in neurology.

My most memorable clinical experience involves encouraging a patient with intractable epilepsy to undergo respective surgery. The patient had a 30-year history of uncontrolled seizures and is now seizure-free post-surgery. She has remained seizure-free for over three years and is able to drive! Witnessing her tears of gratitude and joy is one of my most memorable and rewarding patient experiences.

Lucretia Long, CNP

Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology® will present the highest quality in-depth information on topics in neurology and be the premier continuing medical education publication for neurology professionals.

External Online Course

Coursera: Introduction to Clinical Neurology 
An overview of the relevant aspects of the epidemiology, clinical presentation, basic disease mechanisms, diagnostic approaches, and treatment options of the most common neurologic diseases. Highly recommended by AAN APPs and neurologists. (Please note that this is not an official endorsement, but a recommended resource from our members.)

More Information to Come

The AAN is working on developing exciting content for APPs! Please note that this page will be updated in early 2018.